The cast and crew of 'Down Among the Wines & Spirits'

Down Among the Wines & Spirits

devised by Cassie & Selwyn Tillett

March 2014: Sewell Barn Theatre

Directors: Cassie & Selwyn Tillett

Photography: Cassie Tillett

Given that Selwyn's ancestry is firmly rooted in the days of the Music Hall (his grandfather, father and two aunts all performed), it's no surprise that we have a continuing love of this art form. We were therefore delighted to be invited to create a show celebrating the Golden Age of the Music Hall (1880-World War One), from the perspective of those at the top of the bill and those (like Selwyn's family) 'down among the wines & spirits' - that is, listed next to the refreshments in the smallest possible type. We were tremendously proud of the amazing standards achieved by our cast, who played a total of twenty-seven people between them and re-enacted their performances as accurately as we were able.

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