Maria Helliwell in 'When We Are Married'

When We Are Married

by J B Priestley

July 2012: Maddermarket Theatre

Director: Genevieve Raghu

Photography: Peter Marsh at ashmorevisuals

Corsets and wigs in the one hot week during the summer of 2012; one of my favourite costumes (I was told that I resembled "a very curvy Wedgewood vase"); my first show with Genevieve, the talented young Artistic Director of the Maddermarket (and only my second show at that theatre); some of the greatest (and giggliest) fun I've ever had in rehearsals; and some of the most receptive and vocal audiences I've come across for years. For more on the process of this production, you might also be interested in the blog I kept during the creation of this show. Cast list, reviews and links to further rehearsal photographs are also available there.

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