Mrs Watson-Courtneidge in 'I Am A Camera'

I Am A Camera

by John Van Druten

November 2009: Maddermarket Theatre

Director: Rob Morris

Photography: Peter King & Cassie Tillett

Another reminder of anno domini... having coveted the role of Sally Bowles since forever (and at least since I was a member of the chorus in a production of Cabaret way back in 1980), I was rather wistful to be cast as Sally's mother in the non-musical version. However, Mrs Watson-Courtneidge was a glorious grotesque to play for two brief scenes in Act III; the beautiful Jo Sessions was as fine a Sally as anyone could wish for; the rest of the cast and crew were superb; and the delight of one's first line being a stern and forceful "I'm Mummy" made it all worthwhile.

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