Sheila Camfield

Sheila Camfield

died March 2004

Richmond Shakespeare Society

I was lucky enough to work with Sheila in two shows: Goldilocks (December 2000) and As You Like It (July 2003). This lovely, laughing lady will be missed by anybody who every had the privilege of sharing a stage with her.

I enjoy creating personalised cards for the cast of shows I'm in, and did so with both of these performances. Sheila was heard to comment that "it was worth doing the show just to get one of Cassie's cards..." Click on any of the smaller images below to see Sheila in various guises.

Corinne (resexed from Corin) in As You Like It, 2003(Photo: Richard Morgan) The Fairy in Goldilocks, 2000 (Photo: Ian Cole) Petra Williams in Dr Who, circa 1970

I didn't realise until I read her obituary (below) that her husband Douglas had been director of some of the episodes of Dr Who - and that Sheila, under her professional name of Sheila Dunn, had appeared in them. I do wish I could find a photograph of her with a Dalek.

Here is Sheila's obituary from the Richmond & Twickenham Times; and preserved here as a PDF file, in case the original disappears from the Internet at any stage.